At The Mineral Corporation our commodity experience includes gold, silver, platinum group metals, chromium, uranium, coal and gas, copper, cobalt, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, tin, tungsten, tantalum, vanadium, water, nickel, diamonds, semi-precious gemstones, rutile, heavy mineral sands, andalusite, phosphates, dimension stone, industrial minerals, bauxite, limestone, cement feedstocks, vermiculite and rare earth minerals.

Much of the work conducted by The Mineral Corporation is confidential and potentially commercially sensitive. We therefore prefer to limit exposure of our client relationships in the public domain.

However, we have completed more than 1 400 project assignments in 46 countries. The geographical locations and a summary of some of our most significant projects can be located on the map alongside.

Our client base includes:

  • major and mid-tier mining companies
  • junior exploration companies
  • financial institutions and private equity funds
  • entrepreneurs and net wealth individuals
  • legal and auditing firms
  • metal traders and security exchanges
  • global funding agencies and sovereign entities
  • government departments, agencies and trade missions
  • national Geological Surveys
  • tribal authorities
  • BEE groups and companies
  • women mining groups
  • insurance companies
  • mining supply firms, EPCM companies and infrastructural engineers
  • construction companies
  • technical consulting firms
  • international mining and advisory groups
  • environmental groups
  • drilling and geophysical companies and analytical facilities
  • science and technology research institutions.