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Accurate and successful project evaluation is founded on a sound understanding of the geology and resources.

In this regard, The Mineral Corporation can offer the following:

  • commodity reviews
  • country reviews
  • project technical reviews
  • geological conceptual analysis
  • project identification and prioritisation
  • target generation
  • due diligence reviews
  • deposit modelling (Datamine Studio, GEOVIA Gems™ and GEOVIA Minex™)
  • resource quantification and classification (SAMREC, JORC, CIM)
  • resource optimisation.

Our GIS experts spatially integrate mineral database information with exploration and public domain data, to provide our clients with intelligent graphic or map products.

With regards to resource estimation, the strength of The Mineral Corporation’s geological team lies in its collective ability to identify the most appropriate methods by which deposit modelling and resource estimation can be accomplished. The choice of whether to utilise a 2D or 3D modelling method depends on the nature of the deposit and the commodity. We have constructed models for coal, PGMs, gold, uranium, copper, iron, manganese, aluminium and diamond deposits, amongst others.

This capability statement further describes our experience and services with regard to Geology, Project Evaluation and Resource Modelling.