Our clients

Mining [icon]

Project owners and sellers

  • Major and mid-tier mining companies
  • Junior exploration companies
  • Metal traders
Investment/funding [icon]

Investors and deal financier

  • Entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals
  • Securities exchanges
  • Financial institutions
  • Private equity funds
  • Sovereign entities
  • Global funding agencies
Service-provider [icon]

Mining service providers

  • Technical consulting firms
  • Engineering, construction (EPCM) companies
  • Mining supply companies
  • International consulting groups
  • Service and logistics providers
  • Legal and auditing firms
  • Insurance companies
Government [icon]

Governmental entities

  • Government departments and agencies
  • National geological surveys
  • Trade missions
  • Tribal authorities
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Environmental groups
Education [icon]

Educational and research institutions

  • Science and technology research groups
  • Academic institutions