Geological advisory

Mineral title and environmental management

  • mineral title and compliance management
  • submissions for prospecting and mining title
  • compilation of associated environmental management programmes and social and labour plans
  • due diligence reviews
  • joint venture and other co-operative agreements
  • sustainability and socio-economic development
Key consultants

Exploration management

  • identification of appropriate techniques and service providers
  • strategic planning and adjudication of service contracts
  • design, audit or documentation of exploration protocols
  • design, audit or documentation of exploration protocols
  • competent person’s oversight of client exploration programmes
  • design, management and execution of exploration programmes
  • creation and maintenance of digital databases
  • selection of suitable analytical techniques and laboratory QAQC
  • integration of data on GIS platforms
  • budgeting and cost control
Key consultants


  • integration of diverse exploration datasets
  • structural interpretation and analysis
  • mine-design planning and infrastructure planning
  • visualisation and analysis of sub-surface drill hole data
  • environmental monitoring and sensitivity analysis
  • audit and due diligence of third party GIS systems
Key consultants

Geological and mineral resource modelling

  • structural modelling
  • deposit modelling (Datamine Studio, GEOVIA Gems and GEOVIA Minex)
  • resource quantification and classification (SAMREC, JORC, CIM) resource optimisation.
Key consultants

Strategic exploration project reviews

  • commodity reviews
  • country reviews
  • project technical reviews
  • geological conceptual analysis
  • project identification and prioritisation
  • target generation
  • due diligence reviews
Key consultants